We love our patients and they love us too!

My migraines were so bad I could not sleep well or concentrate.  In only a few adjustments, I no longer have any headaches and my posture and stride have improved.

A. J.

Age 26, Migraines

My back went out and I could not make it off the floor.  Dr. Kolonick first saw me at my house.  After between 6 and 12 adjustments, I was 90% better and back to my routine in the gym.

L. R.

Age 52, Debilitating Low Back Pain

Previous methods only provided short-term relief.  After 5 adjustments at Gonstead Chiropractic Clinic, I experience more restful sleep, less dizzy spells and headaches, and the numbness in my right arm has disappeared.

T. M.

Age 30, Patient with Past Lumbar Surgery

My job duties were taking their toll on my low back, which I realized was also affecting my digestive functions.  I noticed improvement to my condition after 1 adjustment.  Now, an occasional adjustment helps me maintain my posture and energy levels while significantly improving my digestive function.

D. T.

Age 33, Digestive Issues

My lower back pain was actually getting worse with my previous treatments.  It began to hurt just to walk or jog briefly.  I noticed improvement after 1 adjustment at Gonstead Chiropractic Clinic.  I now walk without issues and my low back pain is 30% of what it once was.

W. G.

Age 45, Poor Outcomes From Other Treatments